• Sudan: nubian-flat (2)

– Fish and season

Sudan is one of the last current pure unfished destinations; it comes with a 650 km coastline bordering the Red Sea and it is almost uninhabited.

Because of the hot season is between July and September, the best times to visit Sudan are October/November and from February to June, full winter is windy.

Wild Sea Expedition guarantees the best equipment in order to fish and visit a wide range of enchanting areas.

Since we have extensively operated over the past years and we have deepened our knowledge of Sudanese area, Wild Sea Expedition guarantees the best service in a safe environment.

At the moment Sudan is the last new in the world of fly fishing destination, this make even more exiting visit this country for fly fishing, during the first exploration we discover pristine fisheries of Permit and Milkfish, and the best fisheries of Triggerfish of the world. Other common catch on fly are Gt, Bohar Snapper and Bluefin Trevally, but also Bonefish and other coral species are present and possible to catch. For the most fanatics, the huge presence of Dogtooth Tuna, make them catching on fly highly possible.

Only barbless hook are allowed, for safety and in respect of the fish


WildSeaExpedition is owner of two mothership located in Sudan, and we are able to offer two different standard in term of accomodation and confort, the Scuba Libre, or standard boat, and the Elegante, our premium motherboat.

M / Y Scuba Libre

-Steel catamaran built in Lancaster UK and renovated in 2016.

-18 meters lenght and 7 meters width

– 4 double cabins and 2 twin cabins
-3 bathrooms with shower and 1 shower on deck to wash rods and reels after fishing

-Lounge of 30 m2. Very comfortable, LCD TV, video, stereo,DVD and air conditioned.

-2 Aifo engines 115 hp, mod. 2006

-4,500 liters storage and watermaker 100 lt/hour

-2  generators (1 to 16 kw, 1  to 6 kw)

-Voltage: 24 v. ,220 v.

-Electronic: GPS, plotter, autopilot, depth sounder,VHF, SSB, and GSM SATELLITE PHONE

-2 fiberglass fishing boat of 7 mt. equipped whit 40 hp engines for fishing and transfers.

-Italian trained cook, wide variety of food and dishes and food imported from Italy:

pasta, pizza, lasagne, chicken, goat, beef, many kind of fresh fruit and vegetable, cake, crepes.

-Selection of alcoholic and analcoholic drinks


The Elegante boat is a beautiful schooner with italian management  completely renovated in summer 2009. Elegante boat can provide high comfort , thanks to good distribution of interior and exterior spaces . There are 6 double cabins with private bath and shower and air conditioning for guests . Italian management and staff with years of experience in Red Sea.

Engine:                          Fiat Iveco AIFO HP 260 diesel

Speed:                              10 knots cruise

Length:                              25 meters

Width:                                6,5 meters

Sail:                                    Ketch

Diesel tank:                       2.500 litres

Water tank:                       4.000 litres+water maker 200Lt-h

Cabins:                      3 matrimonial, 4 doubles,

all with  bathroom ,shower

Crew cabins:           1 four beds and 1 one bed

Services on Board:         TV-Dvd-HI FI-Diving- Recharge for

torches and flash-Medical Oxygen.

Generators (2):                 IVECO Aifo 32 kva/h ; Perkins  21KVA 220 V . AC.

Communications systems:

Radio UHF long range and portable short range,                                                          satellite phone Turaya

Navigational systems:  Plotter ,GPS, Radar and depth sounder

Compressor (2):                N.2 Bauer 11.000 Lt/h

Cylinders:                          N° 20, 15 litres, double  connections ( Int., Din)

Tenders: 2                         Rubber dinghy Marshall  5,75 Mt, with 55 Hp outboard                                                    engine Yamaha

Rubber dinghy Marshall 5,75 Mt., with 55 Hp outboard                                                  engine Yamaha


Standard trip

The standard trip include 6 full days of fishing, fishing every day a different area. To reduce the fishing pressure we change zone week by week.

Day 1: arrive in Port Sudan at 16:00 Pm, transfer to the boat, start navigation during the night to reach the fishing ground.

Day 2 to day 7: 6 full days of fishing, coming back in the port in the evening of the last day.

Day 8: breakfast and lunch on board, transfer to the airport after lunch.

-Extended & discovery trip

The extended trip include 13 full days of fishing, so it will be possible to discover very remote areas almost completly unfished. In this trip you will visit the most virgin water of Sudan, the further from the cost and the closest to the border of Eritrea. During this journey it will be possible to visit the best areas for jigging and the best areas for popping.

Day 1: arrive in Port Sudan at 16:00 Pm, transfer to the boat, start navigation during the night to reach the fishing ground.

Day 2 to day 14: 13 full days of fishing, coming back in the port in the evening of the last day.

Day 15: breakfast and lunch on board, transfer to the airport after lunch.


How to get there

Right now the best option to reach Port Sudan is flight via Dubai with Emirates or other company. From Dubai to Port Sudan exist only one flight every week on Monday with Fly Dubai, departing from Dubai at 13.00 Pm.

Flyng with Emirates allows you to charge 30 kg of luggage on Fly Dubai flight.

Safety and healt

The coastal side and generally the north of Sudan, are safe areas for tourism, there is not war or other safey problem, the local people are very quiet, and many tourist visit the mainland every year. Also the sea is completely safe, the pirates doesn’t exist in this area.

About the guests safety, the fishing guides are trained in emergency first response.

All clients are asked to arrive covered by travel/medical insurance for the trip.Furthermore all guests will sign a disclosure wavering Sealand Adventures Ltd of any liability due to any accident.


None vaccinations is required for this trip


We do your visa with a copy of your passport by email. Passport must be valid for at least 6 month and with no visas for Israel.
$ 155 + 195 € (local tax) USA citizen 205$ + 195€

Tour Price

3300€ Scuba

4000€ Elegante

What’s included

-Accommodation in double cabins on MY Scuba Libre, full board.
-Cruise leaving and returning to Port Sudan.
-Transfer to and from the airport in Port Sudan.
-Mineral water, tea / / coffee / juice included.

The price does not include
_Visa and local taxes

-Soft drink and alcoholic drink

-Tips and expense of personal nature


It is quite easy finding Titan Triggerfish walking through the flat, plus Permit, Gt, huge Barracuda, Black Tip Shark and Bonefish. Walking on the reef’s edge the main catches are Gt, Bohar Snapper, Bluefin Trevally and others reef’s species such as Grouper, Napoleon and Mangrove Jack.

Bonefishes are present over the offshore atoll; however the populations are not substantial.

Milkfish are well present, with common specimens up to 20 kg, generally feed on surface in huge groups of hundreds.

The offshore fishing can be practiced from the boat over the best spots for popping, where the concentration of fish is higher. Is possible teasing for big Gt, and other fishes,but is required a 14 wt rod at least. Dredging for doggy is also a concrete option.

Bonefish and Triggerfish

A 9 foot for 9 weight fly rod with an high quality saltwater disc drag reel. Load the reel with 200 or more mt of 60 lb braid. A high quality weight foreward floating line for tropical warm water is necessary for a good presentation.

Bumphead Parrotfish, Triggerfish and Milkfish

A 9 ft for 10 weight is the the best choice, a high quality reel loaded with 200 or more mt of 60 lb braid.

GT, Bluefin Trevally and various reef species

A 9 ft for 12 weight with a very high quality saltwater reel, loaded with 200 or more mt of 80 lb braid. A very high quality and high strenght line is necessary to pull hard the fish out of coral, we strongly suggest Rio Gt special.

Terminal and backup tackle

– 3 x 9 foot 22lb saltwater leaders

– 1 x 17lb double x or similar fluorocarbon tippet material

– 1 x 130 or 150 lb Suffix Zippy Soft Mono

– 1 x 9 weight floating line

– 2 x 12 weight floating line

– 1 backup 9 or 10 weight rod

– 1 backup 12 weight rod


It’s critical that anglers carry the right selection of flies, tied in the proper way with correct material, this will make a big difference on the strike rate.

Here our selection of flies for the Nubian Flat:

– Spawning Shrimp #6 x 4

– JC Sand Prawn #4 x 2

– Rolling Bead Crab #4 x 4

– Tan Merkin Tan #2 x 2

– Tailler’s Delight Olive #4 x 2

– Tailer’s Delight Tan #4 x 2

– Velcro Crab Tan #2 x4

– Avalon Permit Shrimp #2 x 4

– Gt Brush Fly Black, Black and Purple #6/0 x 2

– Sempre Black and Purple #6/0 x 2

– Poodle #6/0 x 2

– Popper NYAP #6/0 x 2

– Clouser Chartreuse and White #2 x 4

We strongly recomend to avoid using

GAMAKATSU SL12 hooks for GT flies.