Socotra, the best GT destination in the world is now possible to fish again. Since January 2019 a regular flight is operating from Cairo to Socotra.

WildSeaExpedition Team has been there already in March 2019 with two successful expeditions, proving once more that we are the only reliable specialist of the area.

If you want to live the trip of your lifetime, find dates below and download info.

2109 Socotra Reopening


Standard itinerary: 9th to 16th October 2 rods available

Extreme itinerary: 9th to 23rd October 2 rods available

Extreme itinerary: 30th October to 6th November 4 rods available

Standard itinerary: 30th October to 6th November 4 rods available





Fishing Socotra is a unique experience. This island, about 120 km long, is considered the windiest in the world, and is beaten by very strong currents, factors that make the sea impassable for about 7 months a year in the most productive spots. The island is also known for its many endemic dragon trees and numerous other species of plants, birds, reptiles and insects that live only here, so much to be appealed as the Galapagos of the Indian Ocean, and being recognized as a natural heritage of ‘ Humanity by UNESCO. The island is few populated, there aren’t any accommodation with the exception of few spartan camping, fishing villages are few and far from everything, sometimes reachable only by boat. Thanks to these characteristics, often in beautiful places for fishing, with high cliffs overlooking the sea, sand dunes or uninhabited islands, which transmit sensations enough to make us think of fishing in prehistoric times. The incredible thing about this island, it is determined that the average size of gt attack the popper has no comparison to the whole world, so that in 90% of the cases we are attached to fish over 40 kg, and in the remaining 10% with fish over 30 kg, enough to embarrass even the most experienced. This feature is certainly due to several factors: primarily the abundance of forage fish such as rainbow runners and fusiliers, combined with the lack of fishing pressure these waters and strong currents that transport large quantities of nutrients. In addition to the obvious fortunate position, in the middle of the ocean current that comes from the South favoring the upwelling, which brings nutrients in the surface layers. For several months the winds are very violently, causing sea conditions often prohibitive, and thus preventing a continuous fishing by local fishermen, who still do not have huge resources. In practice you can fish well and safe only for a little less than four months a year, from October to November and from March to April.



Socotra is the north indian ocean, so almost all the fish of this sea are present. The most important sportfish is Gt, but in October there is a huge migration of Sailfish and Spanish Mackarell, and a migration of pelagic crab, that floating on the water cause a continuos feeding by many kind of trevally such as Golden Trevally, Yellow Spottet Trevally, Bludger Trevally and Black Tip Trevally. Many kind of coral fish are present such as Red Snapper, Green Jobfish, Rusty Jobfish, Coral Trout and different species of grouper and emperor. From shore is possible to find Indian Permit, Bonefish, small Threadfin, Leerfish, Bream, Bluefin Trevally. Shark are olso present but rarely hook on lure, the most catched are Fox Shark on Jigging. The best seasons for fishing Socotra are Autumn and Spring because in Summer and Winter the wind is very strong and the sea very rough.

Socotra fishing
Socotra fishing
Socotra fishing
Socotra fishing


For fishing Socotra the best way to arrange a trip, will be touring a camp run by us. The camp consists of 2 large tents for six people, one as dinning room and one as camp kitchen, and for sleep, every fisherman has a double tend equipped with mattresses, sheet and pillow, 1 tank of 2000 liters fresh water, shower box, rods holder , a cook with a camp kitchen, an interpreter and a jeep always available. Satellitar phone is also available. About food, is Socotra the variety is very limited, usually is possible to eat pasta, rice, bread cooked day by day, beans, eggs, vegetable sauce, fish, biscuit, soft cheese, lamb, chicken, honey and sometime nutella. During the fishing season is possible to get some lobster. Usually meat is consumed once or twice a week, because of the limited availability. Soft drink are included in the price, alcoholic drink are allowed but not sales, clients can bring their own drink from other airport. Concerning  the boats, the only solution at present is the use of local fishing boats, fiberglass boats of about 8 meters long and equipped with 40 hp engine. The standard trip are based one 4 clients, fishing from 2 boats.

Socotra fishing
Socotra fishing
Socotra fishing
Socotra fishing



The standard trip include 6 full days of fishing, and it’s the best way to have the first approach with fishing in Socotra. In this journey you will have your first contact with the reality of this world, and of course with the brutality of this fishing.

Day 1: arrival in Socotra, transfer of 1.30h to camp base. Preparation of the equipment.

Day 2 to day 7: 6 full days of fishing. In according with weather and fishing condition the program will be decided day by day. In according with the departure flight time from Socotra and from their personal needs, the guest will decide if spend the last night at the camp or in hotel in Hadiboo.

Day 8: transfer to airport.



The extend trip is available for a minimum of 2 people, and it’s usually 8 days. During this trip you will visit two fishing areas.

Day 1: arrival in Socotra, transfer of 1.30h to camp base.Preparation of the equipment.

Day 2 to day 7: 6 full days of fishing, after dinner transfer to the new spot.

Day 8 and 9: 2 full days of fishing. At the end of day 9, return to Hadiboo. Night in hotel.

Day 10: transfer to the airpot.



This will be probably the wildest, extreme and amazing trip you will enjoy in your life, visiting some of the most remote frontiers for huge Gts. For this trip we don’t have a definitive schedule, because it has to be built time by time in according with the client request. It can be 10-12 or 14 days, and also logistics, organization and costs can be different time by time.

NB: in Sanaà all the client will meet our agent on the arrival and departure, so it will be possible on request to organize a tour of the city in according with the flight plan.


The clients have to provide to their own international flight, we provide to the domestic flight from Sanaà to Socotra. To arrive in Sanaà there are different option, right now is possible to fly through Cairo, Dhoa, Dubai or Istambul, whit Egypt Air, Qatar, Emirates, Fly Dubai and Turkish Airline. In according with the date of the domestic flight we will help you to find the best combination.



After the election of 21 February, the situation in Yemen has gone better day by day, the government has negotiated the peace in almost all the country and has improve the control by government forces around the country. Currently come to Socotra is safe for tourist, the stop in Sanaà is safe, and many clients take a rest of one or two days to visit the old city and some location around, accompanied by our agent. About Socotra, the island is completely safe and pirates free, the Yemen Navy have increased the control in the archipelago, by boat and helicopters, to guarantee the safety of tourists and local people too. About healt, in Socotra there aren’t tropical diseases like yellow fever or typhus, and malaria has been extint. Clients must be covered by a travel/medical insurance.



None vaccinations is required for this trip.



We provide Visa with your passport copy by email.



  • Visa
  • Domestic flight
  • All the services in Socotra
  • Last night in hotel in Socotra in double room, dinner and lunch at restaurant.


  • Tips
  • Extra for single room in Socotra
  • Any services required in Sanaà such as transfer, hotel, restaurant and excursion.



Fishing in Socotra for GT, is not simply popping, is extreme popping, is the top of the top in term of technique, experience and brutality. Here every part of your equipment can be broken, from the hooks to the reels. Due to the conformation of the fishing spot, the conditions became really extreme, first the medium size of the fishes is incredible, the water is shallow and all around are present many rock and wreck, and everything is done during strong current condition. Now imagine to hook an over 60, and imagine what can happen to the tackle. Because of this, everything in the equipment have to be extra strong: the rod has to be a PE 10, the shock leader up to 250 lb matched whit a short bite tippet made of kevlar chord, to prevent the cut by the fish that suck down the lure. Fluorocarbon is not enough, sometime it’s also happened to find death GT whit a popper deep in the throat just after lost a fish for leader cutting of the leader. About the terminal, split ring have to be only the biggest from Owner or Decoy, the treble can be Owner ST 76 5/0 or Decoy 8/0 and 10/0, nothing else. A good choice is to use big single hook, in this case the best are Fisherman Spinoza 13/0, Decoy Cutclass 10/0or Owner Sj 51 size 11/0. About the line is allowed to use Varivas avani gt 170 lb, tuff line 130 lb, power pro 170 lb, also if the strength seems, all these line are same. About lures you must have some big and noisy popper, our favorite are Craft Bait gt3, Fcl Labo ebi pop and extreme, Orion cono cono, Patriot Design master bomb. More than popper,sinking stick are always a good weapon, our favorite are Orion big foot and plug tropic, and we sell special handmade stick specially designed and, made for us. At the end some floating stick can be a good choice when fish are lazy.

Socotra fishing
Socotra fishing
Socotra fishing
Socotra fishing

For all the fanatics of GT, fishing in Socotra is an experience without parallel!