Fishing Socotra March 2014 week 2

fishing Socotra

Second week of fishing in Socotra, whit a Russian-German team, unfortunately without vodka to celebrate fishing. The week was pretty slower than the first, the sea condition changed completely, the current start to blow stronger from west, and also the south current starts to dirt the water like we’ve never seen before. The result has been lazy fishes, we had many follower and miss bait, with better result on huge popper. Even in our Kingfish spot the fishes were lazy, all the kingfish just follow the lures untill the boat without bite, the only we land were on an ultralight tackle set with PE 1,5. End of the week 13 Gt have been landed, plus 7 lost during fighting, including a black monster unstoppable that rape the russian popping machine, plus other miss strike and follower. A couple of good fish in the 45 kg range has been caught too. Balancing the difficult topwater action, jigging turn in a constant crazy action with multiple strikes of any kind of fish, that make a big difference on the balance of the week, providing a real fun for the all the team. And as big exception we had a strike from a big shark on popper. Balance of the week was very positive, and all the guys are now adicted wanting to come back and fishing Socotra again, that’s the most important thing for us.

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