Fishing Socotra March 2014 week 1

fishing Socotra

First week of 2014 in Socotra fishing with an exceptional team of angler from France and Australia, all hardcore fisherman with passion for this kind of experience.

After one day the team felt as an old friends company, so moreover the fishing we enjoy together an epic experience of wild life in a pristine environment.

In 8 days fishing, 4 anglers hooked 55 GTs, plus one guy at his first experience he hooked 2 and the 1 for the guide, for a total of 58 fishes, total of 24 landed with 2 double strike.

We lost 2 or 3 fishes up to 50 kg, plus many hook out and some broken line and leader.

Jigging has been also good with a good variety of species and a 140 cm GT. We also caught many Kingfish on light tackle and heavy too, some good up to 20 kg. After this expedition we call this spot ‘ Kingfish capital of the universe’, where now we strongly suggest to come with a good helmet.

We had also a good time casting smaller topwater lures with lot of action with different coral fishes, with 2 double hook on the same lure!
Epic trip with epic team, everybody is now addicted and they will be back to fishing Socotra again in 2015.

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