• Fishing in Chile
    Palena Camp - Chile

Fly Fishing in Chile is the ultimate experience for wild fishermans.

After a couple of centuries of sutainable growth, Chile is becoming one of the best fishery in the world.

English explorers started first to discover these awesome wild fishing spots, and nowadays we are able to fish Trouts in a breath taking landscape, among lakes, rivers, creeks…

The long and narrow shape is one of the caratteristic of Chile, from the the driest place in the whole planet, to the Antartic.

Everything is possible here, Browns, Rainbows and Broke Trouts are the gunsters of the chilean environment.

After years of passionate research Wild Sea Expedition is proud to offer a fantastic trout fishing experience in a safe, really local and untouched and base location, Palena (X Region).

The area we are operating is located in to the Northern Patagonia, along the Carretera Austral, and is really far from other villages ; bad conditions of the roads and the relative absence of Transportation services make these spots’ enviroment still pure and pristin.

You are totally out of the mass tourism and feel like an old timer sometimes, tasting the best part of the past.

For us, one of the best part of trout fishing is the environment and technics variety that you come across, and here the options are many and really different every day swopping from a 4 wt to a 8/9…


Rio Tigre thats is a nice walking river located up north to palena very close to the argentinian mountain side, with some really good broke trouts fishery and a massive ammount of 30 cm the action is waranted with those aggressive guys around, but in our last exploratory trip we had the pleasure to found and hook some really big one, up to 45 cm enough to give you a proper fight on a 4wt rod..

Raft fishing in the lakes, those hidden lakes are almost unknown to fishermans and here aggressive rainbows and brown are sitting under structure like trees and bamboo grass or just under the edge few meters down waiting for something, so it will be up to you the choice between a big terrestrial on the surface or a little streamer close to the bottom.

Palena river where you will touch de essence of the wildness flowing down for 3 days with a raft and sleeping in tends on the river banks. Here constance is necessary if your target is the trofey, actualy the ammount of big browns is impressive but the size of your streamer must to be big enough to avoid the smaller one down in the pools.. off course a lighter approach with lighter set up is very productive but everage size is much smaller.


The lodge is located in a very wild propriety just few meters from river Palena reachable only by 4×4 car, The entire structurt was build few years a go only with chilean materials and it keeps a very nice traditional style with no impact in to the nature …

The main house it is provided of a very big saloon, kitchen and relax area with a comfortable fire place that will keep the atmosfere dry and comfortable during a raining day.

The fisherman house is a wood structure with 2 double rooms plus 2 privat bathrooms.


The trip is 10 days from when we come to the airport to when we drop you in the airport again

and a total of 8 full days fishing where in according with the weathercast we will decide where to go day by day.

-Day 1 transfer to lodge from Esquiel Airport

-Day 2\3 Rio Tigre

-Day 4\5 Lakes fishing

-Day 6 Session upper Palena

-Day 7\8\9 three days down to Palena River where we will pack everything in the rafts and we will spend two nights camping on the river and back to lodge for last night.

-Day 10 back to Airport .

What included

All the meal, all the nights in the lodge, all the transfers, all fishing permission

NOT included

Alcool, soft drinks and tips


Palena is not connected with any airports so the closest place to arrive is Esquiel ( Argentina )

There are easy connections with Aerolinea Argentina from Buenos Aires or Santiago del Chile to Esquiel.


The whole country is totaly safe, all clients are asked to arrive covered by travel/medical insurance for the trip because we will operating far from any civilizated place


None vaccinations request


None visa is request for Chile, the permit as a tourist is valid from 3 to 6 months in accordind with your passport origin


From December to March but normaly January and February got the longest days and warmers tempratures


To win the Chilean challenge is very important to be shure of a big choice of rods and different fly lines.

We recommend a 3\4 wt for the creeck fishing with floating line.

A must have of course is 5\6wt with floating line

and 7\8wt with full sinking fly line (300 grain more or less) for lakes and Palena River.

Fly list

All the dry flyes like stone fly, caddis, may flys. Hourse fly are good in all the sized

Chernobil hunt of any colors and mouses imitations are necesary to fish structures like woods and grass.

About streamer we reccommend to bring a big selection of small on hook size 06\08 with naturals colours from grey to olive to brown, those littles flyes are very good in the lakes.

For Palena River we reccommend to fish with big streamers for big browns, those trouts are really predatory so most of the time are feeding on small raimbow. Size reccommended from 7 to 11 cm, raimbow imitation is a good one or any naturals colours as for the small streamer. Hook is important for this kind of fishing specialy because we will use a 7 or 8 wt with a 20 pound tippet.


From 4 to 20 pound more or less


Normaly for an ethics reason we don’t fish to much with spinning tackle but the results are impressive, is incredible the number of strikes that you can have in a short session specialy using the right lures. What we reccomend is a 7/8 ft rods with 20/30 pound braid line on the reel and a bunch of minnow from 10 to 18 cm.The tip of minnow that we use are long and thin, better with a magnetic sistem to cast agains the wind, all kind of sea bass lures in any naturals colours are very good.

General equipment

Dry backpack

Fishing waters

Hiking shoes

Termal underwear

Long sleeves termal t shirt

Rain jacket

Underwear\ socks\ towel \sun glasses\sun cream

Head light

Camping bottle to store water avoiding plastic

Remember that Patagonia even during summer time can be cold so you must to be ready in case of a raining week