Fishing and season

After some prospection, we started to believe that Djibouti has a great potential for Fly Fishing, because of the absence of human almost all the coast long, and because of the variety of environment that we found, from coral reef surrounding small beautiful sandy flats, to huge mangroves lagoon estuary with huge flats, channel and sand bank, and some crystal clear beach to sight fish.

In our previous prospections we only had the chance to fish a very small part of these spots, in different times of the year, the result has been very variable and fishing from bad to excellent, but the amount of fish, and specially big fish we saw, definitely encouraged us to make a huge plan in order to run the first Fly Fishing exploratory season in Djibouti with our mothership, in order to reach and fish the most inaccessible place in a proper and comfortable way, and be able to fish different spots during the week.

About the fishing and species, Djibouti seems very special to us, we found a specific area where we can target Napoleon Wrasse on the flat, during the last exploration we had several shot and we hooked some fish from 5 to 20 kg, we had several shots at big GT, and some trophy size Triggerfish. In another area we found a huge amount of Queenfish to sightfish in the flat, that’s also pretty unique and deserve more time to be explored.

From the flat fishing point of view we hope and expect to find some Bonefish and Permit too, and in addition we will  set some FAD in order to try some bluewater fishing mostly for big Mahi Mahi that are very abundant. 

Only barbless hook are allowed, for safety and in respect of the fish

– ACCOMODATION: M / Y Scuba Libre

-Steel catamaran built in Lancaster UK and renovated in 2016.

-18 meters lenght and 7 meters width

– 4 double cabins and 2 twin cabins

-3 bathrooms with shower and 1 shower on deck to wash rods and reels after fishing                                                                                                                                                          

-Lounge of 30 m2. Very comfortable, and air conditioned.

-2 Aifo engines 115 hp, mod. 2006

-4,500 liters storage and watermaker 100 lt/hour

-2  generators (1 to 16 kw, 1  to 6 kw)

-Voltage: 24 v. ,220 v.

-Electronic: GPS, plotter, autopilot, depth sounder,VHF, SSB, and GSM SATELLITE PHONE

-2 fiberglass fishing boat of 7 mt. equipped whit 40 hp engines for fishing and transfers.

-Italian trained cook, wide variety of food and dishes and food imported from Italy:

 pasta, pizza, lasagne, chicken, goat, beef, many kind of fresh fruit and vegetable, cake, crepes.

-Selection of alcoholic and analcoholic drinks


All the trips we will run will be at least 7 days fishing to ensure we will have enough time to try and fish as many spots as we can. 

Trips will start and end from Djibouti

How to get there

There are several options to get to Djibouti, the easiest and most frequent flights are with Turkish, Ethiopian and Fly Dubai.

Safety and healt

The coastal side and generally the whole country, are safe areas for tourism, there is not war or other sfafey problem, the local people are very quiet, and many tourist visit the mainland every year. Also the sea is completely safe, the pirates doesn’t exist in this area because of the massive control of navy patrols from many different countries.

All clients are asked to arrive covered by travel/medical insurance for the trip.Furthermore all guests will sign a disclosure wavering Sealand Adventures Ltd of any liability due to any accident.


None vaccinations is required for this trip


Visa is obtained on arrival and cost 90 USD.

What’s included

-Accommodation in double cabins on MY Scuba Libre, full board.
-Cruise leaving and returning to Djibouti.
-Transfer to and from the airport.
-Mineral water, tea / / coffee / juice included.

The price does not include

-Soft drink and alcoholic drink

-Tips and expense of personal nature


It is possible to find Titan and YellowmarginTriggerfish walking through the flat, Gt, Napoleon and Queenfish, and we can expect Bonefish and Permit as well. Walking on the reef’s edge the main catch

Small Napoleon and Triggerfish

A 9 foot for 9 weight fly rod with an high quality saltwater disc drag reel. Load the reel with 200 or more mt of 60 lb braid. A high quality weight foreward floating line for tropical warm water is necessary for a good presentation, 20-25 lb leader.

Small Napoleon and Queenfish

A 9 foot for 9 or 10 weight fly rod with an high quality saltwater disc drag reel. Load the reel with 200 or more mt of 60 lb braid. A high quality weight foreward floating line for tropical warm water is necessary for a good presentation, 30 lb leader

GT, Big Napoleon and various reef species

A 9 ft for 12 weight with a very high quality saltwater reel, loaded with 200 or more mt of 80 lb braid. A very high quality and high strenght line is necessary to pull hard the fish out of coral, we strongly suggest Rio Gt special, 100 to 150 lb leader 

Terminal and backup tackle

– 1 x 20lb double x or similar fluorocarbon tippet material

– 1 x 25lb double x or similar fluorocarbon tippet material

– 1 x 30lb double x or similar fluorocarbon tippet material

– 1 x 100lb  hard mono

– 1 x 150 lb hard mono

– 1 x 9 weight floating line

– 2 x 12 weight floating line

– 1 backup 9 or 10 weight rod

– 1 backup 12 weight rod


It’s critical that anglers carry the right selection of flies, tied in the correct way with correct material, this will make a big difference on the strike rate.

Here our selection of flies for the Nubian Flat:

– Spawning Shrimp #6 x 4

– JC Sand Prawn #4 x 2

– Rolling Bead Crab #4 x 4

– Tan Merkin Tan #2 x 2

– Tailler’s Delight Olive #4 x 2

– Tailer’s Delight Tan #4 x 2

– Velcro Crab Tan #2 x4

-. Avalon Permit Shrimp #2 x 4

– Gt Brush Fly Black, Black and Purple #6/0 x 2

– Sempre Black and Purple #6/0 x 2

– Poodle #6/0 x 2

– Popper NYAP #6/0 x 2

– Clouser Chartreuse and White #2 x 4

– Smaller Brush Fly White, Blue and Grey #2/0 3/0 

– Semper Tan, Olive size #2/0,3/0,4/0

– Sailfish fly x 2