• Djibouti fishing


Djibouti Fishing rappresents without any doubt one of the last frontiers for the fanatic Gt hunters. Despite it’s quite easy to reach, the sea still haven’t been exploited because of the total absence of human structure on the coastline, making this place really unique and pristine. What is making Djibouti an excellent place for fishing is the strategical position between the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea, that makes the sea extremely rich in terms of nutrients, current and passage of pelagic between the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea. Wild Sea Expedition is proud to be the first operator to offer a liveboard trip to visit the two main fishing spots in Djibouti, both world class and really unique, the Seven Brothers Archipelago and the passe of Goubet. The Seven Brothers are six small rocky islands right in the middle of the Bab el Mandeb straight (the channel that connect the Red Sea to the Gulf of Aden), and they are considered one of the best Gt place in the world, the current is always pushing and baitfish are present in huge quantity, but the real highlight of the place is the fact that Gt come around the islands in spring to spawn, and they are present in huge quantity and huge size too, fish over 60 kg have been caught already. The Seven Brothers are also the best spot in the world for shore fishing for Gt, because of the very good shape of the coast, that’s very flat and easy to wade. The other spot we will fish is the passe of Goubet, that’s absolutely one of the most crazy and spectacular spot in the world for popping. It’s a small channel between two seas, with a small island in the middle, and since the place is very tidal, the current can be really umbeliveable and you will think to fish in a Himalayan river, without mention the fighting in such mass of water. The best season in Djibouti is April, May, but June and October are also good.
While fishing in Djibouti the main target are Gt, but everything else is present (Sanpper, Grouper, Tunas, Spanish Mackarell, Napoleon) with a good number of Sailfish and monster Triggerfish to try on the fly. Fly fishing is also possible for Gt in some flats.

Only barbless hook are allowed, for the safety on board and in respect of the fish


  • Le Baron
    Le Baron

M/Y Le Baron Noir
L: 23 meters
l: 6 meters
6 doubles cabins
Each cabin with his private bathroom with lavabo,shower and private WC
Each cabin is with air conditionned
Saloon with big screen for photos or films
Sundeck with canapés and matress
In engine room:
One caterpillar engine
2 marines generators,may be 3 this season
Two water makers
Marine chiller air conditionned
2 fiberglass panga for fishing


The standard trip include 6 full days for fishing Djibouti , fishing every day a different area. To reduce the fishing pressure we change zone during the week.
Day 1: arrive in Djibouti , transfer to the boat, start navigation during the night to reach the fishing ground.
Day 2 to day 7: 6 full days of fishing, coming back in the port in the evening of the last day.
Day 8: breakfast and lunch on board, transfer to the airport after lunch.
Also more days fishing are possible in according with the request of groups.


Djibouti is very well connected to Europe, the best solution is Turkish Airways with daily flight via Istanbul, but also other companies like Fly Dubai are operating often.


Djibouti is one of safest country in Africa, since his strategical position all the military forces from various countries are heavily present, in the mainland and in the sea. The main city and all the country are very safe to visit and the sea is heavily patroled by navy ships, making this place extremely safe.
All clients are asked to arrive covered by travel/medical insurance for the trip. Furthermore all guests will sign a disclosure wavering Sealand Adventures Ltd of any liability due to any accident.


None vaccinations is required for this trip


– Accommodation in double cabins, full board.
– Cruise leaving and returning in Djibouti and Khor Angar.
– Transfer to and from the airport to boat.
– Mineral water, tea / / coffee / juice included.

The price does not include
– Soft drink and alcoholic drink
– Tips and expense of personal nature
– Visa


– Popping
On popper is possible to hook GTs, Red Snapper, different kind of Grouper and Emperor, big Barracuda,Spanish Mackarell Tuna and Shark.
ROD: you will need a 200-250 gr rod for PE 10 or 12 able to hold 12-14 kg of drag, and a 100-120 gr rod to fish with 6 kg of drag for lighter popping.
REELS: for heavy popping Stella 10000 FA, 18000 SW or Saltiga 6000, for light popping Stella 8000 FA, Stella 10000 SW and Saltiga 4500
LINE AND LEADER: for heavy popping 100-130 lb braid and 200 lb shock leader, for light popping a 65 lb line with a 120 lb leader works well. To connect braid and leader we suggest PR knot.
LURES: noisy popper from 130 gr to 200 gr, floating stickbait about 18 to 30 cm and sinking stickbait from 100 to 200 gr.
TERMINAL TACKLE: as hook we recommend Owner ST76 4/0 and 5/0, for the smaller lures Owner ST76 3/0 are a better option. A good choice are also single hook for popping, like Decoy Cutclass 8/0 and 10/0, Owner SJ51 7/0 and 9/0 and SJ41 9/0 11/0 and 13/0, Fisherman Spinoza 13/0 and Hot’s Otoko 9/0 11/0. As split ring we recommend Owner size 10 and 11.

– Jigging
Jigging can be really productive, we usually don’t jig very deep, while in Goubet the jigging is done in shallow water, from 30 to 50 mt, in very heavy current, where you need very heavy jigs to reach the bottom. On jigging is possible to hook huge Gt.
ROD: the best is get two rods, one in the 300 gr range, and more important is a good equipment to fight whit submarine, powerfull rod for 400-500 gr with PE 8.
REELS: on the medium rod is possible to use a medium reel like Shimano Stella SW 10000 or other reels of same size, or conventional reels with high retrieve ratio. On the powerful rod you will need a Stella 20000 SW or 18000 SW for speed jigging.
LINE: for medium jigging a 50-60 lb line, for heavy tackle the best option is a PE 8 (80-100 lb)
JIG: the ‘must have’ jig are the Williamson Benthos, river to sea Sea Rock, Hooker from Sevenseas, Hots Y2, Maria Deep Sea Flower. Size from 180 to 500 gr.
TERMINAL TACKLE:There are many hook on the market, but we recomend Fisherman, Hots, Gamakatsu and Decoy.

– Fly fishing
Even if the fly-fishing is not totally developed yet, the potential is high as for flat fishing as for pleasant game.
Big Gt and other species of trevally are commonly spotted and sometimes Black Tip Shark and big Barracuda.
RODS: for the flat is required an 8 wt rod for sight fishing, and a 12 wt rod to cast for Gt, Humpback Parrotfish and other big ones. For offshore fishing you will need a rod up to 14 wt to try all the reef species including Gts and Doggy.
REELS: you will need reels with good brake sistem
FLYES: clear crab, crazy charlie, clouser, gummy minnow, bob’s banger tyed on tube, gugler,
and for offshore fishing some big game tube flyes, big popper up to 2,5 cm of diameter and super clouser.

– Shore and flat fishing

Djibouti and specially the Seven Brothers archipelago is probably the best place in the world for heavy shore fishing, dedicated to Gt and other species like Barracuda, Snappers, Triggerfish, and we had the chance to cast on Sailfish and other pelagics from shore. The shape of the rocky coast makes the place very easy to wade and fish, you just need sporting shoeas and a backpack to carry few lures, leader and water.
TACKLE: we reccomend the same equipment for heavy popping, but is also possible to fish on light tackle for different smaller species like Triggers and Emperor.