Wild Sea Expedition was born from our endless passion for fishing and travelling over wild and unknown destinations, exploring locations for Extreme fishing expeditions.
We are a small crew of young explorer who has been the first fishing through a number of areas over the Red Sea (Sudan, Eritrea and Djibouti), the Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean (Yemen, Somalia and Kenya) to discover places outside of the touristic route.
We started to travel and exploring when we were just 20 years old; this young passion has nowadays built up a great experience in term of Extreme fishing expeditions, free wild spots research and situations managing. Our Team spent last 10 years in more than 5 different countries in order to set up the best enviroment and accomodations for Extreme fishing expeditions.
This passion for discovering has taken us not only to buy a Motor Catamaran, which is the only specialized on fishing in Sudan.
We ground our employment on discovering uncontaminated destinations in order to offer passionate anglers the chance to fish some of the last earthly paradises, to experience amazing Extreme fishing expeditions
We also support the idea that every journey is a great opportunity to deeply understand the planet we live, the people we meet, the Cultures we find.

Wild Sea Expedition is pleased to offer our customers not only the fishing itself, but also naturalistic and cultural experiences.

Wild See Expedition is grounded on these environment-friendly points:

– WSE operates with responsible manners supporting the environmental conservation;
– WSE does not fish for immediate consumption as fishes are always returned in excellent    condition;
– WSE always employs barbless hooks and make strong effort to ensure fish’s survival.
– WSE constantly implements tackle, boats and systems used.

Extreme fishing expeditions

Wild Sea Expedition – Extreme fishing expeditions